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Logitech Harmony Favorites Images

Here is some channel art for Logitech's Harmony 650 universal remote:

ABCIcon AEIcon AMCIcon AnimalPlanetIcon BBCIcon BETIcon BravoIcon CartoonNetworkIcon CBSIcon CNNIcon ComedyCentralIcon CWIcon DiscoveryIcon DishIcon DisnetXDIcon DIYIcon EIcon ESPNIcon FooNetIcon FOXIcon FoxNewsIcon FXIcon HBOIcon HGTVIcon HistoryIcon IFCIcon IonIcon LifetimeIcon NASAIcons NatGeoIcon NatGeoWildIcon NBCIcon NetflixIcon QVCIcon SciIcon SpikeIcon SundanceIcon SyfyIcon TBSIcon TLCIcon TNTIcon TVLandClassicIcon TVLandIcon TWCIcon UnivisionIcon USAIcon

Need a channel not shown, leave a comment.


Apple TV: What's On

I had some time and looked at the Apple TV apps and took some notes on what was free, required subscriptions, or required a TV broadcast provider. I did not sign up for all the services but checked if they required one to identify their broadcast provider. Some apps provided limited content without a subscription. Of course, this is subject to change.
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