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iPhone Wi-Fi Syncing and DENON AirPlay

Update September 24, ’14
See fourth fix below

Update August 24, ’14
See third fix below.

The Problem
I could not get Airplay from a Mac to the DENON to work properly. It would only work once, meaning it will connect once and not re-connect shortly after — it would be days before it would connect again. It was not possible to connect and disconnect at will. Best way to describe it is flaky. At the same time this was happening an iPhone had no problems. Streaming to Airport Express connected speakers always work from any device. It looks very much that the DENONE receiver is malfunctioning is some way.

Network Layout
Broadband up-link hardware.
An Airport Express, connected to it is a wired computer and powered speakers. It also creates the wireless network and up-links to the broadband connection.
There is a second Airport Express which extends the wireless network from the first Express, connected to it is a TV, a printer, and a DENON AVR-E400 receiver.

First Fix
The DENON is discontinued and thus not the newest hardware. It could possibly have older AirPlay software. There are no new software updates for the DENON. On a hunch, since IPv6 is not yet ubiquitous I turn off IPv6 on the Mac:

networksetup -setv6off Wired
networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi

The ‘Wired’ and ‘Wi-Fi’ are the names of the network services:

... and iTunes on the Mac can now reliably use AirPlay to stream to the DENON as well as the Express with its speakers. No joy though, now iPhone syncing over Wi-Fi stops working.
This means that iTunes and iOS use IPv6 for syncing.

Second Fix
Embrace IPv6. I have a number of legacy network devices (old iPhones, old Macs, old Wi-Fi access point, etc) so I usually don’t care about IPv6 and may occasionally turn off IPv6 options. There are no incoming IPv6 connections over my Internet connection and even then the broadband hardware would NAT the ISP-owned public address to the internal private IPv4 address.

Broadband router/DHCP hardware — too old to support IPv6.
There are no apparent IPv6 settings in iOS. Nothing to do there.
No IPv6 settings on the DENON
I re-enabled IPv6 on the Mac:

I reviewed the network settings on both Airport Express’s and found IPv6 connection sharing on one was not enabled but enabled on the other.
Airport Utilities - Internet tab - Internet Options... button:

At this point iTunes Wi-Fi syncing of iOS’s work, AirPlay streaming works to and from all devices.

Third Fix
So the IPv6 settings don’t work. After playing a single song through AirPlay to the DENON, the following didn’t play. I believe the TCP/IP stack in the DENON failed completely, even the DENON remote iPhone app lost connection to the receiver.

Since IPv6 cannot be completely turned off — because iPhone Wi-Fi doesn’t work without it — I set the IPv6 settings to Link-local only. Here are the updated settings:

TCP/IP settings on the Mac (System Preferences - Network - network service - Advanced button, TCP/IP):

Both Airport Express’s (Airport Utilities - Internet tab - Internet Options... button):

Fourth Fix
Keep the IPv6 settings and don’t block IPv6. Open Airport Utility, edit the settings for the Wi-Fi access point and go to the Network tab. Click the Network Options button:

This mediately allowed the iPhone to show up in iTunes and wireless syncing works.

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