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Apple's Loosing It

It’s annoying.

Apple is now selling Mac Book Pros with tiny little hard drives making them useless if you have any sizable movie/video or music collection.

I’m still miffed about the removal of Web Sharing. Which brings to mind other notable features removed from the OS. One used to be able to receive and send SMS text messages via Bluetooth (oh wait, that’s new feature now).

Why does Pages, Numbers, Keynote tell me about free updates that are incompatible with the current OS. Where can I turn off the software update check - because I’m not planing up update the OS anytime soon (who know what features have been removed that I use).

I bought my current Mac Book Pro for around $2,400 which included Apple Care. It’s an 2.2 GHz i7, 8GB RAM, and 750GB hard drive. It also has an internal optical drive and a 1680x1050 15-inch display. None of the Mac Book Pros Apple currently sells are ready for use, they all require additional adaptors for wired Ethernet, Firewire, and optical drive. The storage capacity on the Mac Books Pros are non-starters if you have large number videos or photos.
If I spec-out a current Mac Book Pro with equivalent or (involuntary) improvements, the price comes to about $3,300,

And why is Apple still selling Aperture since they announced it will discontinue development:

Is it the money?

So here is my plan. Next year or when my current Mac Book Pro becomes unusable, the plan is to by a used Mac Mini (because the current line up is laughable) and attach my drives. It’s very likely the Mini will go into the living room connected to the TV. My everyday computer will be something that runs Linux.

If iTunes WiFi sync will continue to be broken (likely since Apple doesn’t fix anything in older OS’s) my iPhone will see less and less updates. It’s unlikely that I’ll switch the TV to the mini and fiddle with cables to connect my phone. Eventually the iPhone will become obsolete. When its time to replace the phone, an iPhone will not be an option (iMessage, FaceTime, etc is just not enough).

Here are a few things that don’t work anymore or don’t work well:

  • Sleep
  • iTunes WiFy sync
  • iMovie Theater
  • Mac App Store
  • External drive spin-down
  • iPhoto (too slow to be usable)

I really just need things to work, not see features I use get removed in a ‘update’ in hopes that some other simple issue gets resolved.

I already stopped using Macs for servers - since I develop Java-based web applications the Mac OS makes no difference. Me thinking about alternate platforms for my day-to-day computing is ‘the other shoe to dropping.’
At the moment Lightroom, Coda, Pixelmator, VirtualHostX and a few other applications are saving Apple, however change is afoot.

Update: iMovie allows you to open multiple movie libraries that can be anywhere on your system.

(I’ve been using Macs since the Macintosh 512K around 1986.)