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Looking For More Power - In a Mazda 3 Fuse Box

In my Civic I installed an after-market audio/hands-free Bluetooth kit from GROM. It provided Bluetooth, AUX, and iPod audio interfaces (the iPod USB connectivity also provides charging power). I now have a Mazda 3 and need some of the same features.

The built-in USB connectivity provides the iPod feature but the port does not provide enough power.
To get both the iPod features and power I can get a cable from Amazon that splits the power and data:

(Amazon link)

But before we get to that and if Bluetooth is good enough then lets look at the wiring for the USB power connection first.

Here is a picture the of the interior fuse box:

Fuse Box Numbered

And I did some tests when power is available on the fuses:

Fusebox details

It looks like fuse #5 is one to use if power is needed at all times, engine running or not. Or fuse #11 which only has power when the ignition is on.

I haven't wired everything up yet and there is one more necessary part. Since the car's voltage is 12v and USB requires 5v we need a converter. This comes in handy:

(Amazon Link)

More to come later… stay tuned.

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