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Updates Uncertain

The SpamCop Tool 2 is an AppleScript application. The UI is built with Interface Builder. When I started development of the ‘ Tool AppleScript was fully supported, in later versions of Interface Builder support for AppleScript need to be enabled with a shell command. With Xcode 4 I have not found a way to enable AppleScript support. At this point I’m not certain AppleScript is available at all in Xcode 4.

Eventually I have to start using Xcode 4 for the iOS development I do (exactBART!). At that point updating SpamCop Tool 2 may become impossible or at least difficult.

If SpamCop Tool 2 remains a useful tool then I might actually add it to Apple’s Mail app as a bundle (Growl, MailTags, etc.) but I need time for that. SpamCop Tool 2 is useful for my needs, if it helps anyone else then that’s a bonus.

In the mean time Spam Cop Tool 2 still works in 10.6.7.

P.S. If more people buy exactBART! or make a donation for SpamCop Tool 2 I could by a new machine and keep two development environments around.

Ok, ... so not keeping on top of this

Ok, I’m really not keeping on top of this little application I wrote seemingly ages ago. SpamCop Tool 2 was written under Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and worked quite well. My work computer was on Leopard for a long time, I only recently upgraded to 10.6 (Snow Leopard). I report most of my spam from work. It has been a few weeks and it looks like SpamCop Tool 2 seems to work quite well. I report spam using SpamCop Tool 2 almost daily.

There is a main tread issue the shows up in the logs when deleting messages - not sure what the issues is, it seems to have no ill effects - feel free to comment is you know otherwise.

The current version is 2.0.3. The previous version did some excessive update checking.


Ok, It’s released. I’m now working on version 2.02. I have not updated MacUpdate so if you are reading this, or downloaded it you’re an early adaptor. Anyway... here it is.

Issue/Bug: 6/20/09
  • There is an issue with Spaces were the URLs sent to Safari may not open all in a new Window. The first or last URL may open in an existing Safari window. There is no fix at this time.


SpamCop Tool 2 under development

Actually I should say that it’s a bit further then just under development. You can download it here. I’m doing some finally tweaking and doing more tests before I’ll make more formal announcements at MacUpdate.

One of the updates is that you can send messages to the FTP spam reporting address, better support for Mac OS X 10.4, and does tabs (even you normally don’t – keeps the number of open windows to a minimum).

I do wish people would pay, any amount, a penny even....

Watch this space.